Altogen Chemicals : : Ultra-pure HCDS and 100+ Chemicals Manufacturer in USA
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Worldwide Distributor & Manufacturer of Ultra-Pure HCDS in USA

Altogen Chemicals (, a Texas-based manufacturer of hexachlorodisilane (HCDS) and specialty chemicals for semiconductor and aerospace industry, announced launch of a new product – ultrapure HCDS with over 99.9% HCDS purity.

Hexachlorodisilane (HCDS), an inorganic compound (Si2Cl6) that is a byproduct of the manufacturing of polysilicon, a substrate necessary for the development of electronic devices, fiber optics, and solar cells. The last 30 years have seen an acceleration of technological breakthroughs in electronics, specifically in semiconductors, solar cells, and fiber optics, as a result of high purity refining of HCDS. The chemical and physical properties of high purity HCDS have helped to revolutionize CVD applications by enhancing electrical conductivity, lowering temperature requirements, and promoting growth of crystalline structures at the nanoscale.

Altogen Chemicals manufactures ultrapure HCDS for high tech industrial applications that require intricate chemical interactions and advanced purification methods. The company benefits on its expertise for the capture and distilling of HCDS, as well as HCDS purification know-how, that is beneficial to silicon based industries due to the ability to refine the chemical to the ultrahigh purity necessary for semiconductors and microelectronics.
Altogen Chemicals is a subsidiary of Altogen Labs (, a contract research organization focused on R&D applications for high tech industries including life sciences, biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

Altogen Chemicals offers ultrapure HCDS as well as over 100 other specialized chemicals for electronics (semiconductors), micromachining, renewable energy,  fiber optics, and aerospace industry.