Altogen Chemicals : : Ultra-pure HCDS and 100+ Chemicals Manufacturer in USA
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Worldwide Distributor & Manufacturer of Ultra-Pure HCDS in USA

Manufacturer of Hexachlorodisilane (HCDS), biochemicals, organic and inorganic chemicals

Altogen Chemicals is manufacturer and worldwide distributor of hexachlorodisilane located in Austin, Texas. We manufacture both standard and ultra-high purity hexachlorodisilale (HCDS), as well as over 100 other organic and inorganic compounds (product list). Hexachlorodisilane (HCDS) is a chemical compound widely used within multiple high tech industries. HCDS is used for production of semiconductors, microelectronics, fiber optics, aerogels, fuel cells, and solar energy products. HCDS is used as representative material for all advanced spacers (LTO and SAM), as well as a spacer in litho for double, triple, and quadruple pattering (sidewall spacer in advanced logic transistors-planar structures). Hexachlorodisilane is a chemical used in the ALD process helping to increase the production of silicon nitride and silicon dioxide (ALD and CVD methods). HCDS is used to grow thin films of Si, SiO2, SiC by chemical vapor deposition. HCDS is a powerful deoxygenating and reducing agent. Altogen Chemicals developed know-how and expertise in HCDS manufacturing including capture, distilling, and refining technologies to perfect and maintain a consistent ultra-high level of purity for all HCDS applications within multiple high tech industries.


Standard purification method (97-99%)

The usual synthetic route to HCDS involves the reaction of chlorine on silicon alloys, but can result in low levels of metallic contamination from the silicon alloys such as titanium. Application is as a precursor to substituted disilanes and can be recovery in low quantities as one byproduct of a trichlorosilane (TCS) production reaction.

Ultra-high purity method (>99.9%)

Titanium-catalyzed semiconductor grade silane disproportionation process. High purity chemicals and repetative purification processes used in the production of ultra-pure hexachlorodidilane for semiconductor integrated circuits and solar cells.


Chemical: Hexachlorodisilane (HCDS)
Formula: Cl3Si-SiCl3 (Si2Cl6)
CAS: 13465-77-5
Appearance/Form: Clear liquid, colorless
Density: 1.562 g/ml at 25°C
Vapor Pressure: 12 mm Hg at 40°C
Molecular Weight: 268.89
BP: 144.2-145.4°C / MP: -1°C


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HCDS Hexachlorodisilane
Aluminum tert-butoxide
Germanium(II) sulfide
Germanium(II) selenide
Boron bromide*dimethylsulfur complex
Niobium pentaethoxide
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SiI4 (Silicon tetraiodide)
TEI (Triethylindium)
Trimethyltin Chloride
Silicon Tetracholride : SiCl4
Titanium tert-butoxide

Aluminum tert-butoxide
HCDS-oxane (Hexachlorodisiloxane)
OCTS (Octachlorotrisilane)
DEZn Diethylzinc
Dimethylzinc : (CH3)2Zn)
Dimethylcadmium : (CH3)2Cd)
BBr3 Boron tribromide
SiBr4 Silicon tetrabromide

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